drieuxster (drieuxster) wrote,

The Shocking Defeatist Cut And Runners....

Can YOU believe this part of the Brutal Stab In The Back
The United States is to file two complaints against China at the World Trade Organisation today aimed at stopping the piracy of copyrighted movies, music, software and books.

US Trade Representative Susan Schwab said one case argued that China set too high a value on pirated movie or music discs before prosecuting violators while the second objected to Chinese restrictions on the sale of foreign books and movies.

Motion Picture Association of America president Dan Glickman said the WTO complaints were long overdue. "This is something our industry has been frustrated about for a long time," he said.

[ cf US turns to WTO in bid to tackle China pirates ]
How TYPICAL of the Evil Shrill Hysterical Angry Radical Extremists that they Run Away From The Fight to the Big Bad One Worlder Klique of God Hating America Bashers at the WTO rather than Support the Troops to Total And Glorious Victory over China!!!!

Nor is it at all suprising that these Defeatist Cut And Runners are doing all of this to protect Their Red Hollywood Elitist God Hating America Bashers!!!!

{ and before you sneeze your evil liberalism, remind me again
make sure not to commit the Apostate Demonic Sin of suggesting that some sort of Failed pre-911 Evil Demonic Secular Humanist Reasoning could be used to defend the Fact that one wants to Stab The Troops In The BACK rather than Support them to Total Victory Over the Peking Pay Masters And their Evil Modern SeXular Humanist Gay HomoSeXual Pirate Canadianists!!!!

And remember to make two clear and compelling references to The Divinity Of Dubya as a part of your Postion on Why You have ALWAYS supported the Most Glorious of Total Victory Over the Peking Pay Masters And their Evil Modern SeXular Humanist Gay HomoSeXual Pirate Canadianists!!!!

Since Anything Less and the Terrorists WIN!!!
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