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UnHoly Brutal Radical Left Wing Extremist Persecution By The Defeatist Cut And Runner Appeasers!!!!

Are YOU as shocked as I am! To find out that the White House is Just One More Evil Sinister Dark Center of the Culture of Despair Populated by The Shirill Hysterical Angry Radical Extremists! Starting with the Tree Hugger In Chief, Himself!!!!!
President George W. Bush said he will invite congressional leaders to the White House next week to break the impasse over $100 billion in emergency funding for the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan.

In the meantime, the president said, the Department of Defense plans to notify lawmakers that it is transferring $1.6 billion from other military accounts to make up for the shortfall caused by the delay on the spending legislation.

The Bush administration and the Democratic-controlled Congress are at loggerheads over paying for the Iraq war. The president has said he will veto any war-funding legislation that contains timetables for withdrawing the troops and he didn't retreat when inviting lawmakers to a discussion.

[ cf Bush Will Seek Meeting With Democrats on War Funding (Update2) ]
What does one call it when one has begun to negotiate with Terrorists In the Middle of a War On Terrorism???

Shock! Shock! Oh Me! Oh My!!!!

How COULD the VOCHAS have allowed this collection of Shryll Hysterical Angry Radical Extremists to get into not only Congress, but now the White House...

Ah yes, there is the fun that the DOD is shifting $1.6 Billion to cover a $100 Million Dollar Emergency Funding Measure that, well gosh, How Could ANYONE have been able to Predict that there would be Military Obligations in Iraq and Afghanistan!!! It Was Gosh SOOOOO Inconceivable.

No Seriously, I mean it is just SOOOOO Inconceivable.
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