drieuxster (drieuxster) wrote,

Argumentum Ad Hominem

for those who were victims of a liberal education, the subject line is the name of the classical logical fallacy for 'arguing at the man'.

Most folks are aware of this in the context of 'name calling', or denigrating others.

But there is the other side of that discussion. The irrational presumption that one's 'veteran status' adds weight to the argument.

I wish to remind folks of this, since the argument should stand or fall on it's own merit, rather than on the status of the person presenting the argument. This is one of the fundamental problems with those who want their 'veteran status' to add weight to their argument. We watched this before, and it keeps coming around the ferris wheel of kharma again.

So please folks. Think it through before we have to deal with the reality of
Negroes and Sailors
Keep Off The Grass
since let us be honest, we have a command staff at the white house that has a lack of 'in the field time' and one really would not wish to offer aid and comfort to the enemy for damning them for their lack of combat time, now would folks?

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