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The Freaks In The Modern Republican Guard Units...

Yes, THIS One HAS to get Wider Reading:
After posting his resume on online job site CareerBuilder.com, Corey Andrew was contacted by an army recruiter about a job.

The email exchange between Andrew and the recruiter, Sergeant Marcia Ramode, quickly turned hostile when Andrew revealed that he was a homosexual.

"You are definitely unqualified," wrote Ramode. "Now take you gay self [sic] back to someplace else we do not tolerate gay people like you in any part of the military."

"Her response was appalling," Andrew told CNN.

The email exchange grew more heated, with Ramode suggesting that Andrew should, "go back to Africa and do your gay voodoo limbo tango and wango dance."

[ cf Army recruiter sends staggering homophobic emails ]
Be All That you can be in the Modern Republican Guard Units!!!

You can even see about getting ahead in the Directorate Of State Security....

Ah yes... Things appear to have become more, what is the word for these Wing Nuts???

(h/t to mojo)
Tags: bong_hitz_4_jesus, religion, war

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