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Russia Has Duh Moment...

I mean, Hello!!! Not a REALLY BAD Impersonation of Homer Simpson, but the problem here is what again?
The United States is trying to reassure Russia that an American missile defense shield in central Europe will not undermine Russia's national security, but the Kremlin's reaction so far has been deeply skeptical. The United States says the rockets it plans to build will carry no warheads, and are intended only to intercept attacking missiles. Authorities in Russia say the U.S. plan could drag the world into a new arms race. Anya Ardayeva reports for VOA from Moscow.
[ cf Russia Fears US Missile Shield Could Renew Arms Race ]
I Mean, Like Duh Dude....

Not a Really Bad "Dohf" there, but, yeah, this is not MERELY the start of a new Arms Race, but one that all true americans Really Support And KNOW that we Must WIN!!!

I mean, how many times have the NeoConClownCarCrew been open about their critique of the Leftist Looser
's Whinging about
No Blood For Oil
and then fumble the ball in their rebuttal by making it clear that they Really DO believe that it is the Department Of Defense's Primary Mission to Bring Home The Bacon, by any means neccesary...

So Yeah Ruskie Red Horders, you not only have Oil, You have a lot of under-utilized northern latitude that we may need to expropriate so that we can use it as a replacement for our Dust Bowl....

I mean, you don't think that the Prez is STOOPID or anything, he has one of the 'greenist' Farms in Texas, because he understands that while there is no Debate About the Argument From Intelligent Design Making Him The Divine One, he may have follow in the foot paths of The Japanese Empirial Tradition and Keep The Castle and Give Up The Temple...

But until then, well, he also gets to Play Shogun....

Or that may not actually be a Male Person Kimono, and he may be just doing his Britany Spear's Thing...

I wonder if he does that before Each of his little Oopsies...
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