drieuxster (drieuxster) wrote,

Why Do The British Hate America???

Or did they not get the correct briefing?
he British Royal Navy crew freed by Iran Friday painted a grim picture of their 13 days in captivity, saying they were held in isolation, blindfolded and threatened with long prison terms.

They reported that Faye Turney, the only woman among the group of 15 sailors and Royal Marines, was immediately separated from the group and told that her colleagues had been flown home.

[ cf British sailors tell of maltreatment and threats (2nd Roundup) ]

I mean, they make it sound as if being in GitMo would be a bad thing...

Now yes, if we were still stuck in the Dark Gloomy Days Before 09/11/2001, and the Bold And Blazing Revelation of the Divinity of Dubya, in who's Glow we all Bask, then there might have been some sort of moral outrage about GitMoIsing Folks - as if that were some sort of NotGood.

But we are no longer VICTIMIZED by the HORRORS of the Failed Pre-911 Kulture and It's Hatred Of God, and the Full On Basking Glow Of The Divinity Of Dubya...

Clearly without The Divine Powers Of Dubya america would still be More Persecuted Than Ever Before by those Iranian Flying Saucers...
Tags: religion, torture, war

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