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Saving NCLB!!!

Yes, folks, if you were not keeping track, 2007 is the year that the Evil Liberal Media Meat Puppets may decide to to recind "No Child Left Behind"!!!!! And that would Mean that some of the Bushies would have to find real jobs providing real value to the folks they are billing....

I mean, where would the nation be without NCLB??
Faced with overwhelming evidence to the contrary, even President Bush has backed off his earlier inflammatory assertions about links between al-Qaeda and Saddam Hussein.

But Vice President Cheney yesterday, in an interview with right-wing talk radio host Rush Limbaugh, continued to stick to his delusional guns.

[ cf Cheney Sticks to His Delusions ]
Oh, sorry, sticking to a Delusion may be an institutional issue beyond the scope of actual scholarship, education, training, and/or therapy.

But seriously folks, it is so hard to find good jobs for family membbers, one can understand why it is that Dubya has been working so hard to help Neil Bush, his younger brother, who has recently been able to get past the whole Silverado Savings and Loan fiasco, that was a part of the 80's Cult Favee Bilk the Tax Payers with the Banking deregulation...

So yes, folks, we have to go with more support for Ignite Learning since, well, ok, so Neil does miss the core scientific principle that Gravity is a Modern SeXular Humanist Assault On Our White Christian America, since as we all know, the reasons that objects, when released, go to ground, is because of the Divine Love, and the Commitment to Togetherness that comes from Basking In The Glow Of The Divinity of Dubya...

{ what sort of corporation does one have when it is a means by which overseas investors can flush, Investment Funds to an underlying of the God Head...

YES this will be on the No Child Left Behind Exam, so you have to Know IT!!!

The Correct Answer is "Tribute Corporation" that are formed to accept the Tribute that is Due to the God Head by all true loyal believers... Ok, so I find it fun that we have the Moonies, not to be confused with the Mooniniites, who invaded Boston, working on this thing... WOW... And to think at one time they were considered a dangerous Religious Cult that had been set up as a front for the Korean CIA before they went indie and left to keep on Culting In Teenage Waste Land... }

But seriously Folks... why of course every child wants to Grow Up to be God Head, so that they can get money for their siblings.... It's a Natural Part of the Natural Order of Things...
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