drieuxster (drieuxster) wrote,

Can We Bomb Somebody? Anybody? But Preferabbly Canada.

Well the overly excitable evil liberal media is painting it's grim horror images that Hurricane Rita has been upgraded to a Category IV hurricaine, and is projected to be heading towards Houston. I think we all understand that Houston, if it is attacked, will have been attacked Because of the Vast Lesbian Environmental Extremists who have been crushing the White Christian American Culture in Houston under their Jack Boot of Bush Bashing!

That being the case, clearly it follows that this time around the Greatest Military Leader EVER! should show some initiative and pre-emptively bomb somebody, anybody, and preferrably Canada! This will underscore the leadership and resolve of the Greatest Military Leader EVER! Clearly a campaign of shock and awe will firm up american commitment to the ongoing WhateverOnWhomever, and should make for some fun "TV worth watching".

Why the president could even order the bombers in on houston before Rita Arrives!!!

That way the people of the greater houston metroplex would know that their president loved them enough to offer them a pre-emptive war of opportunity! And we all know how important it is to know that the president love's ya....

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