drieuxster (drieuxster) wrote,

Not For Breakfast Any More

Well it appears that the president is up for "total victory" - which I think is still a breakfast cereal.

So while he is taking responsibility for having decided to invade iraq, he is also not taking responsibility for invading iraq because Saddam made him do it....

Mean while, we are also to understand that the next round of increased violence is because the elections were either successful or not. But we will be able to know some things about Iraq in a few more months.

At which point we may or many not have a position with regards to the position that we are positioning ourselves for.

But clearly now more than ever it is time for that "total victory" stuff.

But the good news is that the President is reforming the Intelligence Community. So hopefully they will not be held responsible for telling the president when not to put '16 words' into his state of the union address. Which hopefully will never happen again. So... uh... does the president have a plan for how the white house is going to be reformed to deal with the actual intelligence? Or would that be more defeatist propoganda that will cause the next round of escallation in the violence in iraq while we do that what ever thing for "Total Victory"!!!

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