drieuxster (drieuxster) wrote,

Maybe This Time They Will Let Us Win???

Well The Evil Liberals are out there on the Stump For Their Favorite FDR again - the evil Liberals!!!
melting every single day, it’s no wonder a new Dust Bowl is threatening the US. But the accelerating greenhouse effect will hit children and poor people most.

Global warming has been cited in numerous studies as the main cause for the dramatic climate changes Earth is witnessing nowadays, including the recent warm winter and the drought that affected Australia.

Global warming is defined as the observed increase in the average temperature of the Earth's near-surface air and oceans in recent decades and its projected continuation. It is responsible for the rapid melting of Earth’s ice cap at the North Pole and for the proliferation of fungi (among others), that leads to a faster decomposition of leaves and dead tree-trunks.

[ cf New Dust Bowl Coming in the US, Poor People and Children to Suffer ]
Has ANYONE ever thought about the fact that 'poor people' are Poor because GOD has judged them for their Sins - and that there is nothing in the world that will ever change that...

Unless of course they can enlist a lot of other folks into the US National Guard
Sgt. Dana Kline holds an oversized check for $62,000 at his Georgia Army National Guard armory in Macon, Ga., on Thursday, March 29, 2007. The check is a a portion of the $94,000 he'll receive for recruiting 47 new Guard members under a program that encourages ordinary Guard members to recruit the type of people they'd like to serve with. Kline has recruited more and earned more money than any other Guard member. (AP Photo/Elliott Minor) (Elliott Minor - AP)
[ cite Picture Caption in Pentagon to Alert National Guard Troops ]
Hum, what is an E-5 making as base pay these days??? Ok, so when they say 2582.10 - ( table ) - that is before Taxes??? and Bi-Weekly??? Oh dear, try this schedule - and get the Despair....

Gosh, does that mean that God Hate's The Enlisted Classes Too???

And IF we were to start setting up the Correct Cargo Cults, then the Bounty would return, just as it did when we won WWII and defeated the Wicked Witch Of The West... Or would we still need to bomb flat the industrial base in the rest of the world for the Cargo Planes to return....
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