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They Have A Word For It....

Hum... so what does one call it, when the Folks in the State Department are not sure if they have an Actual Ambassador who is working for the American Government, or one more case of giving away honorifics, in lieu of actual cash compensations:
Update: RAW STORY has received the letter from several Senators to the GAO requesting an opinion on the legality of the President's actions

The Department of State will not rule out paying a salary to Sam Fox, the major Swift Boat Veterans For Truth donor who was recess appointed as US Ambassador to Belgium by President George W. Bush yesterday.

"That's not something we're allowed to get into," Lesley Phillips, a State Department spokeswoman, told RAW STORY when asked whether or not the millionaire businessman would be paid for his services.

[ cf State Department won't rule out paying Swift Boat donor Ambassador ]

Well The Prez could have crowned him
The Most Omniscient High Lord Admiral Of The Ringy-Dingy-Dingy
but that might have made it more obviouser, or something like that, about where the prez is really standing in all of this....

You know, to protect the troops from the growing threat that there are Evil Doers who wish to subjegate America to American Law, rather than the Divine Law Of God!!!

But then again, what is in it for Sam Fox???? The desperate need to be called out as the Great PoohBahOfWhatEver??? I mean does he get a majik kape to go with the other parts of the costume???
Tags: bong_hitz_4_jesus, religion, war

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