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Children of Men ( The DVD )

Ok, so I actually enjoyed the mistake of buying the 'full screen' version of the film, vice the "wide screen" version, as it gave me a chance to do two horror moments at once... The first was the level of suspension of disbelief that would offer me the sense of watching this AS a Documentary that just happened to roll over the Telly, you know, between "American Idol" and "The Bill O'Reilly Show" as we learn more about how "England Will Prevail" and all that jazz...

Let's just say that YES it does make the film even MORE CLASTROPHOBIC!!!

So best case, get the DVD in the Theatrical Release 'wide screen' format, and offer youself some small hope of watching this film.

I of course love the visual imaging, and the somewhat murkey theme of the story. What really makes our culture tick, what makes us get up every day and take one more stab at trying to be Human. A problem that gets a bit more Problematic as the 'bonus material' offers us this fun filled chat with a collection of Philosophers, Cultural Critics, and the Like, about, well, that basic problem.

As such, the real fun of the DVD is this dialectical tension between 'the art part' and the 'documentary part' where we have folks taking the art part serious enough. There are actually several dialogs going on there, one of them is about the very possibility of "film" as an "art form" actually surviving and having anything of any real value to offer Folks. While others are looking at the worp and weave of the various issues that meander through the film.

Some folks are aware that we are dealing with such issues as "desertifcation" in the sub-saharan africa that is making immigration one of the few remaining real options for so many. Which impolitely ties into the problem of whether creating a bigger and better one world financialization of everything is really a viable solution. While others are looking at the over all problem of how do we deal with being real and actual in a space where the roots to our past are so tenuous at best, and may not actually offer us anything useful for the loss or retention.

As such the film remains disconcerting - while also technically brilliant - and rapping in an additional dialectical tension to the dialog offers the Value Add that so few films have really had in a good long while. This is the sort of film that folks should watch, and discuss, and try to get beyond, "oh what else is on the Telly?" and back into the game itself.
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