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Your Mileage May Vary....

Wow... there was that fun filled story that the ChiComms had stolen the Aegis System - that was suppose to have been the great military-industrial coup that occured because God Hating America Bashers in america sold that stuff to them... Now This
Top-secret data on an advanced US military system was leaked because Japanese officers were swapping porn files at work, a newspaper said on Thursday.

Japan is questioning a naval officer on charges he obtained confidential data on the US-developed Aegis combat system, the defence ministry said on Wednesday.

But the Yomiuri Shimbun said the data was leaked when the petty officer second class had copied pornographic images, accompanied by the sensitive files, from a colleague's computer and circulated them to a third officer.

Police suspect senior officials might have been involved in the porn swapping as the 33-year-old officer being questioned would not have had access to the classified data, the newspaper said.

[ cf Japanese military leak due to porn: report ]
Ok, so we all just have to know...

Tell us it was God Fearing Patriotic All American HeteroSexual Porn that supports the Stability of the Family and Traditional Manly HeteroSexual Values....
Tags: intelligence, war

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