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Who is Jonah Goldberg, and where Does He Get Those Drugs...

Winner In Today's "One Too Many BongHitz4Jesus" moment:
What is progressivism? For our purposes, let's just say it's the belief that the government "runs" the whole country, imposing its values on the group, the way a teacher runs a class or a drill sergeant runs a platoon (this actually describes the differences between Wilson and T.R. quite nicely).

Bush-haters - you know who you are - seem to think that Bushism is all about war. But they forget that Bush didn't initially become a war president by choice; 9/11 was thrust upon him. He was a "compassionate conservative" who didn't want to leave any children behind. The strategy that he and Karl Rove (a T.R. groupie) concocted was to create a GOP version of "feel your pain" Clintonism.

'Big government conservative'

[ cf Will the real conservative please stand up? ]
Now I can understand that poor Jonah here is probably just getting out of ReHab, Again, and may not actually be able to remember all the way back to 2000.

But here is a Thought from the Republican Side of the Repbulican Party:
Oh MY GOD!!! We are going to have a Receession and a War!!!
now I can understand that the folks who did not actually listen to what Bush was shilling in 2000, and those who do not like the number stuff, might have missed the part in his Pitch about running structural deficiets as far as the eye can see, if only we could have a War or a Recession...

Would this be a badder time to talk about, oh, say 'the dominator theory' or the 'project for the new american century' or would that complicate things for the NeoConClownCarCrew as they try to get all of those Other NeoCons on the Other Side of the ClownCar, so that there can be this clear and compelling distinction about which was are Morer Totally Baked than the others...

So, like wow dude...

When you get back from ReHab the Next Time, try not to do that many BongHitz4Jesus!!!
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