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what Ever Happened To The Golden Age Of Spying???

Ok, so I am sooooo under-impressed these days with the overall collapse of the so called 'intelligence community' - both the traditional one some of us worked for, and the new and improved party apparachniki fan club based versions, some of which were stove piping for Dick on the american tax payer's dollar.

In this case we will have some fun, assuming that it does not go 'in camara', because the actual evidence will not stand up in the light of day, and so we will need to have it protected.... But I run ahead
A former US Navy sailor accused of leaking classified information about a US battle group pleaded not guilty Wednesday to charges of providing material support for terrorists.

Hassan Abujihaad, born Paul Hall, pleaded not guilty at a district court in New Haven, Connecticut. He is due back in court next week at a hearing to determine whether he should be released on bail, a court spokesman said.

Abujihaad is charged with providing material support for a group allegedly conspiring to kill US nationals and of leaking classified information.
Abujihaad was stationed in the Middle East aboard the USS Benfold, a guided-missile destroyer in the battle group, and allegedly provided details of its movements as it headed for the Gulf in early 2001.

[ cf Ex US Navy sailor pleads not guilty to terrorism charges ]

Hey kids, how is it that he is supposed to have been discharged in 2002, and was suppose to still be passing notes to the Azzam Publications folks up through 2004????


It will be interesting to see what really comes of this case, especially since the americans are talking about trying to extradite to British Citizens as a part of this case....

Or will we wind up waiting another five years, when he finally decides to change his plea, so as to accept a chance of getting out of GitMo, or where ever it is we will be sending THOSE TYPES...
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