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Corporations Gone Wild!!!!

Hey Kids, did you get off on those Young Republican Opo Researcher's Gone Wild Video?

Well Check This OUT:
Cia. Vale do Rio Doce, the world's largest iron-ore producer, pledged to halt sales to pig-iron companies that use material made by slaves or illegally felled timber from the Amazon rain forest.

``We will stop supplying companies where we see clear evidence of violating environmental or labor laws,'' Jose Carlos Martins, Vale's executive director of the ferrous metals division, said today in an interview. ``We can't be an active player in this.''

Some companies use slave labor and trees felled illegally in the Amazon to make the charcoal that's used as fuel in the production of pig iron, a key ingredient of steel, according to Brazilian labor inspectors and prosecutors. Nearly all car companies in the U.S. use steel that starts with materials made from slave labor, Bloomberg News reported on Nov. 2.

Rio de Janeiro-based Vale sold 6 million metric tons of iron ore to Brazilian pig iron makers last year, Martins said. More than 90 percent of the pig iron produced in the Brazilian Amazon is exported to the U.S.

[ cf Vale to Halt Sales to Pig Iron Makers That Allow Slave Labor ( emphais mine )]
Just Totally Wild And Crazy!!!

I mean, wow dude, what happened to the whole "ownership society" model of how things were coolio these days and that we were on the happy march back to the happier days when Biblical Literalism Was Biblically Literal about our God Given Rights to Own Slaves...

And now some overseas group is going to get all wonky about slavery???

I mean, what IS with that???? Don't they like supporting the President To Support The Troops???
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