drieuxster (drieuxster) wrote,

Law? What Law????

Hey kids, just because the Americans have opted out of law, does it really mean that we need to turn the rest of the world into our Unindicted Co-Conspirators????
The Bush administration says it is pressing ahead with plans to extend a U.S. missile defense system to Europe to defend NATO allies from possible future missile launches from North Korea, Iran, and other nations. VOA's Michael Bowman reports from Washington, where Pentagon officials are attempting to allay deep Russian misgivings about the program and perhaps even secure some form of Russian participation in the initiative.
[ cf Bush Administration Works to Extend Missile Defense to Europe ]
Would this be a band time to talk about the unpleasant reality check of what americans can actually be counted on????

It was bad enough when we sat during the Hungarian Uprising in 1956.... so yeah, I can appreciate that making the appearance of turning Europe into our Enabler, would seem like such a restorative compensation...

Or is this a weird time to wonder why it is that the American Troops did not ride to the Rescue of the Royal Navy and Royal Marines who had been taken by the Iranians.... Hum.... Wonder why that was not the great military victory of military victories???? It really could not have been simply because we did not yet have the great missile shield to protect them, now could It????

What if there is a better solution, and it's name is still diplomacy.

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