drieuxster (drieuxster) wrote,

Commie And Gangsters....

Ah yes, back in the day, the qool kids use to whine that only Commies And Gangsters needed to take the 5th when testifying... So which is it?
A key Justice Department official who helped orchestrate the ouster of eight US attorneys last year again has rebuffed requests to talk to congressional investigators about her role in the dismissals, with her lawyer saying yesterday that she now will not even agree to an informal interview with Capitol Hill Democrats.

Monica M. Goodling, who is on leave from her job as special counsel to Attorney General Alberto R. Gonzales, rejected the House Judiciary Committee's request yesterday morning that she appear before committee investigators for a closed-door session about her involvement in the decisions to remove the federal prosecutors.

[ cf Gonzales aide refuses again to talk about role in firings
Need to take 5th challenged
But there is the deeper question.

Did Gonzalas KNOW that his organization had become riddled with Commies and/or Gangsters......

How many Commies are there in Government???

Oh How WE so NEED to bring back Senator McCarthy, HE KNEW how to ferret out commies and commie fellow travellors who are hiding in the Government!!! Why I am so Sure he has a List of them right now, if ONLY congress would call him....

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