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Speaking Of The Battle Cry Campaign...

Well, gosh, yes, there it is Battle Cry Campaign - and yes, Gosh, there is Jerry Fallwell, et al, doing their bit for supporting the Militarization of Xtianity, so that we can Get The eXtreme Back into the More Masculine Jesus....

It sorta starts to make sense why they needed this horse and pony show, back in the 2005 time frame, because, well GOSH that must have clearly looked like the Greatest of All Times to work on moving the nation forward to a more Militaristic Movement....

What we may want to worry about, is how committed are these folks to making sure that America Will Not Survive the Decade.... Granted they of course like to market it as if they are the Great Savior Of The Nation, who are riding up on the Big White Horse....

But isn't that a Long Standing Cherish Tradition..... You know, selling us more fear, and more fear, and more FEAR!!! So that ONLY The Great Leader Can Rescue US....

Scary Momentary Thought, But what If YOU, the Reader, are one of the Soulless Ones, the Evil Demonic Forces, that they will have to Obliterate to protect their way of life??? ( and yes, to be pedantic, I should Note and Quote, Philosophical zombie as a nice academic sort of discussion about the practice of how do we deal with those who do not actually have souls, irregardless of how they got that way... )

For those of you who may not have seen Acquire the evidence: On Ron Luce and Teen Mania Ministry it too can be a fun run through. We have a really cool new source of great new and improved Urban Legends about how the Persecution of Christians is all a part of how someone is persecuting them....

Forgive me folks if I skip over my usual mirth filled frivolity, but It took nearly an hour to talk one of my Fantasy Writer Friends out of his "Religious" belief that the whole "teen mania ministries" was just one more of the Landover Baptist Spoofs, or worse, a Black Flag operation being run to discredit Christianity. The tragedy, as the canonical "Google's Law Of Journalism" obliged, is that, while we can show who is Directly Tied to the Group, there is the small problem
But Does Jerry Falwell, et al, being involved actually disprove that this is a Black Flag Operation being run to discredit Christianity?
Well, NO. Actually it does not.

But what it unpleasanty does is underscore the main themes of those who have been writing against the "christianists" and their Dominionist well, gosh, do we call them fellow travellors?

The central problem may well turn out to be whether folks like living in a Republic, or do they want it to finally abandon it's constitution, so that we can majikally become a "Christian Empire"....

So maybe it is time for americans to start working out where DO they want to stand???

While there is at least the general sentiment that the law of the land can be supported and upheld.
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