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The Need For New Communities

A central part of the current crisis of Katrina appears to be that small horror about what community do americans belong in, and how will they really know that they belong there. The fiasco at the federal level was predictable, but the other part of the problem is the local and state level fiasco's that also need to be investigated. That many regions of the USofA have taken the time to review and re-advertise their disaster preparedness plans is a good thing. The fact that they have been obliged to do this with the central understanding that they can not actually count on the Federal Government is a tragedy.

Amongst the issues that I plan to be blogging on here is that central question:

1. What will it take to demilitarize the american culture.

2. How will we help americans get past their More@War mentality and rebuild a civil society.

3. What do we do with the 'edge case' elements of american society.

As those who know me are aware, I take pride in my time in the US Military, but that should not be confused with the current mythologies being put forward by the VoCHA (Victims of ChickenHawk Angst) who are not too sure why they want the Federal Government to provide a standing military, beyond their need to be able to chant that they want to support the president to support the troop.  So my concern about demilitarizing the american culture rests upon my desire to demythologize what the American Military really is all about, and the clearly obvious limits of what military power can be used for.

Back when we were liberating Kuwait, my friends in the Bay Area were able to understand that it is one thing to have issues with the government policy, it is another thing to whine about the troops who are executing on that policy. So it is possible to make those distinctions. The challenge for so many of the NeoCons in the NeoConClownCarCrew is whether they are able to actually make the same distinctions. Can they find a way to differenciate between government policy and the persons tasked with executing that policy.

In the current round of 'dodging the issues' by whining about 'finger pointing' and 'blame gaming' there is the critical need to actually work out what are the real issues that need to be addressed, and how best to go about actually addressing them. This first blog entry is my way of starting the dialog on how do we start creating new communities in america. How do we go about resolving what are public and what are private issues. How do we step forward into the three central concerns that I have about the current failures in the american 'kultur kampf'.

As my friend s9 noted over at the mojowire, there is the problem of 'right of return', that is creeping out into the open, as folks in New Orleans work out what do they want to do with New Orleans as they rebuild it. The mojowire blog entry points at billmon's coverage of the crisis. Clearly some folks are looking at 'creative' ways to create new communities. The sort of nice folks who can have their private security forces chopper in the basic requirements. The question on the table is whether this sort of 'warlordism' is actually in the best interest of american culture.

Americans may wish to work out what they really believe in.

Preferably while they still have a chance to put actions to their words.


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