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Those Damn Liberals....

God They Just Do NOT understand
Though critics have argued that he does not understand the futility of his current situation, President Bush announced today that he has no plans to remove his head from its current position: wedged painfully between two balusters on a White House staircase.

"Setting a timetable for withdrawal of my head would send mixed messages about why I put my head here in the first place," Bush said at a press conference on the Grand Staircase. "I am going to finish what I set out to accomplish here, no matter how unpopular my decision may be, or how much my head hurts while stuck between these immovable stairway posts."

[ cf Bush Refuses To Set Timetable For Withdrawal Of Head From White House Banister ]
In These Strange And Difficult Time, it is most important to SHOW Resolve!!!!

That is why Tom "no retreat, no surrender" DeLay is still leading the Charge to protect americans, as he supports the President's Decision to Remove his head from the Banister Rail without any interferance from The Congress, the House UberGruppenFueher reported through His SpokesPerson who is a Manly Male Man Masculinely Supporting the Congress In Exile that is the Congress We Would Have Had, had it not been for the Vindictiveness of the Evil Doing Evil Doers who Falsely Elected Others than Those who were Electable.

All True Patriotic American Patriotically Support the President's Divine Right To Stuff His Head where ever the Divine Dictates Decide, Divinely, and that it is Simply MicroManaging By Congress, to suggest that the President should Not be Stuffing His Head into places that are that small, and generally contain methane, and other bio-degradable componentry.

Clearly ALL TRUE Americans Rally To the President, and His Congress In Exile, as they Hold the Line against the sort of Kapitulationist Appeaser Cut And Runners who would suggest that the president should withdraw from anything anywhere at anytime.

Since ONLY by staying the Course, can the course be stayed!!!

All HAIL the warm and reassuring Glow that comes from Accepting the Divinity of Dubya, and the Divine Guidance that Can ONLY be Offered By the Divine Decider Himself!!!

Anything Less and the Terrrorists WIN!!!
Tags: bong_hitz_4_jesus, religion, war

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