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We ARE here From The Directorate Of State Security To Ask a Few Questions...

Ah yes, on the day there is a Shooting at the Department Of Homeland Securities Extension Office, CNN, we get this novelty in the news
Portions of Wolf's video were shown on local television, but he refused to turn over the outtakes to the grand jury and said they contained no evidence of a crime. Although California's so-called shield law allows journalists to withhold confidential sources and unpublished material, there is no such law in federal court.

Journalists' organizations rallied to Wolf's support and cited his case as evidence of the need for a federal shield law, which has been introduced in Congress. Prosecutors argued that Wolf, a political activist who posts his videos and commentary on his blog, was not a legitimate journalist.

David Greene, one of Wolf's lawyers, said today the breakthrough came when prosecutors dropped their insistence that Wolf testify to the grand jury about people he interviewed for his video. He said Wolf was willing to turn over the outtakes last November if he had been excused from testifying but prosecutors turned him down.

[ cf Imprisoned freelance journalist to be released ]
Hopefully now all americans will feel more safer that all Journalists will be vetted by the Department of Kommisariate Protective Services, where they will learn the importance of the Blissed Out Glow that can only be obtained by Accepting The Divinity Of Dubya....

Remember, when sharing with the Directorate Of State Security, in any of it's Manifestations, Journalists, Priest, Preacher, Psychologist, Doctor, or UnNamed UnIndicted Co-Conspirator Number Three, it is IMPORTANT that you speak clearly, openly, and honestly, about how much you have Always Felt the Blissed Out Glow that can Only Be Obtained by Accepting the Divinity of Dubya. Since as we all know, Dubya knows best, and he has a list of the Good Boys and Girls, who are On the Right Side, Doing Good, and the Bad Boys and Girls, who are Bad, and Doing Ikky Things....

All Hail Great Leader!!!

Since Only The Divinity Of Dubya CAN keep the Evil Iranian Flying Saucers Away!!!

Only By Accepting The Divinity of Dubya, and Yielding All To His Greatness, can one ever have a chance of True Liberation from the Evils of the Modern Era...
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