drieuxster (drieuxster) wrote,

Evil Liberals Just Do Not Get It...

I mostly Like Digby, but let us be honest:
And you are reminded that the US government has gone stark raving mad. How our diplomats and businessmen and military can hold their heads up when they're overseas, much less to make a case for American leadership, is beyond me. It must be very painful to have to try to explain just what in God's name is going on here.
[ cf Rabid Hobgoblins ]
This piece comes after long citations to the reality check that the David Hick's Plea Bargain was put together
The plea bargain itself was brokered by Susan Crawford, the top military commission official and a former Department of Defense inspector general under then-Secretary of Defense Cheney, without the knowledge or input of the lawyers prosecuting Hicks. The lead prosecutor expressed shock over the light sentence.
( op cit )
and the Fun of the Supreme's ruling on the fact that one is not allowed to challenge one's detention in GitMo, because, well there is still a chance that some of them may be able to appeal their way out of GitMo, and they can always do the traditional Plea Bargain Deal, if they can Get to Dear Old Dick and make it worth his while to get them out of GitMo....

What EVIL LIBERALS fail to comprehend is that in The Christianist World, there is no need for any of the Evils of Modern SeXular Humanism, such as reasonability, or rationality, as these are the Tools Of Satan!!!! All that is required is BLIND LOYALTY TO GREAT LEADER!!!!

As such it does not matter what other countries may think!!!! They are either Supporting Great Leader, or they are Agents of Satan!!! And when the Battle Cry Is Cried, then the Great War Heroes Of Greatness Will Greatly Rise Up And Gloriously And Victoriously Vanquish The Satanic Evil Doing Evil Doers Who Are Evil! and Doing! And ERS!!!

So Bong Hitz 4 Jesus!!! Because the Most Important Thing About Christianists is their Awesome Elite Killing Machine!!!! I MEAN Like Totally Dude!!!

What MORE do americans need???? I mean Jesus Gave Us NUKES because He Loves US!!!!
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