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Is Al Gore The Anti Christ, or Is Steve Jobs???

You Be The Judge:
Why would Al Gore, America's best-known environmentalist and a member of the board of directors of Apple, oppose shareholder resolutions that ask the computer maker to become more green?

That's what Greenpeace, Friends of the Earth, Consumers Union, the National Environmental Trust and the Computer TakeBack Campaign want to know.

They are among about 70 groups that signed a letter to Gore asking the former vice president to use his clout as a director to get Apple to become responsible for its environmental impact. They charge that Apple (Charts) lags behind rivals Dell (Charts) and Hewlett Packard (Charts) when it comes to recycling computers and eliminating toxic chemicals from its laptops, desktops and other electronic devices.

They say Apple also lags Dell and HP in reporting on environmental and social issues - and that the company is a lot less willing to talk about these issues with activist groups.

[ cf Gore needs a greener Apple ]
Gosh, Golly, Gee Whiz....

And to think that here we are in the Middle Of The Most Holyiest Of Holy Wars Against All Monsters Everywhere and these Shrill and Hysterical Radical Extremists are merely WHINING about the "environment", when clearly the MOSTE IMPORTANTE ISSUEE INE THEE WORLDE ( yes, those are the extra 'E' add ons needed to make them more Republican Than Ever Before. ) is whether Jobs and Gore will OPENLY SUPPORT THE DIVINITY OF DUBYA or ARE THEY SATANIC EVIL DOERS DOING EVIL Doingly...

God But these Evil Liberals in the Radical Left Wing Extremists Media, like Forbes Magazine, are, just so Shrill and Hysterical about totally Irrelevant things, simply so they can stab the troops in the Back...

Geez Louise.
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