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Why God Is Punishing America....

Ok, so maybe I am SOOO not getting why it is that we are having problems with Nancy Pelosi visiting our most cherished friend the Syrians, whom we have been outsourcing some of our torturing to, since, gosh the Syrians are Such Nice People who are willing to do the Torturing For Us, and at such discount prices.... But it seems that the Pro-War Wack Jobs are All A Twitter over the Idea that someone in congress might visit one of our best friends over in the middle east.

Then there is this Bit
Taking another toss at the tropical weather dart board, a group of university forecasters Tuesday predicted ''a very active'' hurricane season.
They expect 17 named tropical storms that grow into nine hurricanes, including five intense hurricanes with winds above 110 mph.

The averages over the past 40 years are 11 tropical storms, six hurricanes and two intense hurricanes. In 2006, we had 10 named storms that became five hurricanes, two of which were intense, a welcome relief after the barrages of 2004 and 2005.

[ cf 'Very active' hurricane season is predicted ]
Could It Be That God Is Totally Miffed At The VOCHAS???

I mean, were they not save from actual american military service overseas in the Great Holy Crusades against all monsters, PRECISELY to protect us from the Ever Satanic Ever Demonic Nancy Pelosi Evil Voodoo Zombie Dust Bunnies Of Despair Spewing Bong Hitz 4 Jesus!!!! AND THEY, THE VOCHAS FAILED GOD!!!!

Clearly there can be no other explanation for Why GOD Hatess America but that the VOCHAS have STABBBED GOD IN THE BACK by allowing The Evil To Spread In America....

and now she is out tastefully visiting with our best friends in Torture.
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