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Supreme Court Accepts Divinity Of Dubya...

In a victory for President Bush, the Supreme Court on Monday rejected an appeal by suspected terrorists challenging their imprisonment at the U.S. military prison at Guantanamo Bay, Cuba.

At issue are the rights of the prisoners to contest their imprisonment and the rules set up to try them as war criminals. About 400 detainees are being held at the facility, including admitted September 11 mastermind Khalid Sheikh Mohammed and 13 other suspected top al Qaeda members.
But the ruling may be only a temporary set back for the plaintiffs. In a brief order written by Justices John Paul Stevens and Anthony Kennedy, the court suggested the detainees could appeal once their tribunals or preliminary hearings have been completed.

"Despite the obvious importance of the issues raised in these cases, we are persuaded that traditional rules governing our decision of constitutional questions ... and our practice of requiring the exhaustion of available remedies as a precondition to accepting jurisdiction over applications for the writ of habeas corpus ... make it appropriate to deny these petitions at this time."
The Justice Department wants the high court to reject these appeals, at least until the first wave of tribunals have had a chance to work. Bush administration officials also argue the prisoners have plenty of legal safeguards.

[ cf Supreme Court rejects appeal by Gitmo prisoners ]
There are going to be some fun, should the folks who have the time, take the time in Gitmo to reach the conditions proposed by Stevens and Kennedy.

We can only HOPE that this will also lead the current administration to start working on which legal defense it plans to use, should americans start to doubt their divinity, and hold them legally liable for the various actions that they have taken, and apply the current 'those things like the laws of war' to them and their actions.

The part that seems way Bong Hitz 4 Jesus:
"Congress has afforded petitioners -- all aliens detained at Guantanamo Bay as confirmed enemy combatants in the ongoing armed conflict against the al Qaeda terrorist organization and its supporters -- an unprecedented degree of access to our courts in wartime," said the government in its legal brief. "No other captured enemy combatant in the history of this country, or any other, have enjoyed such privileges."
( op cit )
Uh, do these folks remember that we actually had Real Live POW's in the USofA during the Great Patriotic War, also known as the 2nd World War, and that they were detained as 'enemy combatants' with all of the rights of the Geneva Convention, and no need to seek redress from an administration which decides, apparently based solely upon the whim of public opinion, when persons are covered under what laws, and let that fluctuate as the Propoganda Ministry says so...

I mean, one could do the google search - and find out what the 'never to change' position on being evil doers had always been...
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