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Stop The Evil Liberal Media Meat Puppet...

Or, Dudez This Guy is Way Over his limit of Bong Hitz 4 Jesus
Someday the Democrats may learn an important lesson about the collective wisdom of the media in the nation's capital: On important questions of policy and politics, the Washington press corps is almost always wrong. They are full of firm opinions about everything from clothing, haircuts and marital problems to political tactics, but the safest course is to ignore their advice.

At the moment, the most popular line among the certified pundits is that the congressional Democrats are too zealous in probing Bush administration corruption — and specifically the apparent politicization of the federal law-enforcement system by the White House and the Justice Department.

[ cf Ignore the Pundits and Bark Louder ( emphasis added for the Special Sauce Moment) ]

Could it be that when persons are certified which in common parlance does not denote
Certified Sane By The Same Folks Throwing The War
but is normally used to indicate that the person travels on the short bus, and is out today on a field day from the local mental health long term care facility.

And we are suppose to be listening to them why???

Or is he REALLY trying to clue us in that well, gosh, these Fruit Bats ARE certified
On "The Chris Matthews Show" of March 25, for instance, host and guests agreed that the Democrats were demanding Rove's testimony only to punish him. Time magazine managing editor Richard Stengel dismissed the unfolding scandal as "small-bore politics" and declared himself annoyed: "I am so uninterested in the Democrats wanting Karl Rove, because it is so bad for them. Because it shows business as usual, tit-for-tat vengeance. . . . That's not what voters want to see." MSNBC's Norah O'Donnell chimed in: "The Democrats have to be very careful that they look like they're not the party of investigation rather than legislation in trying to change things."

None of those insights were original, as nearly identical warnings were issued by the likes of David Broder of The Washington Post and John Harwood of The Wall Street Journal. According to Broder — the "dean" of the Washington press corps, whose magnificently consistent wrongness dates back to the Nixon era — Democrats should beware of "tearing down an already discredited Republican administration with more investigations, such as the current attack on the Justice Department and White House over the firings of eight U.S. attorneys." Adam Nagourney informed New York Times readers that "the biggest question is, how far can Democrats go in opposing this president? The biggest risk is going so far that they feel the sting of a backlash — of being transformed from the fresh new face of change to the latest cast of Washington players enmeshed in partisan wrangling."

( op cit )
Please, help me out here...

Why are there no Republicans Pundits out there who are still willing to step into the Breach and DEFEND the Troops, The Vet Community, and the rest of US from the WingNuts in the White House, and the rest of their Draft Dodgin Kult of Whining Not Responsibles????


Why not get all of the folks who were once trying to remind us that they believed in "ABSOLUTE MORALITY" and all of that jazz, to well, show US YOUR BONG HITZ 4 JESUS, or Give it up on your "absolute morality" skank...

At which point we might want to talk about 'the law' and should the law in america be legal, and binding, and obligatory on Americans, including the Tree Hugger In Chief's Fan Club....

But other than that... Gosh, it is so funny watching the NeoConClownCarCrew whine about how they are so being Persecuted.... Good Lord, Why not follow any of that lip flapping about 'accountablity' - or is the DEEP HORROR here, that When The A.G., et al, are making noises about 'accountablity' it is that Christianist Klique Talk, about how come the Rapture, God is going to forgive them all that they Sinned, because they are The Once Saved, Always Saved, Cheap Grace Folks who can go on lying, cheating, stealing, murdering and Maiming for Jesus, because, well, they got that Once Saved Get Out Of Hell Free Card, and can never again be held personally accountable for any of their actions...
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