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Should Truth Be Truthier???

Gosh, now this has got to be seriously Dope
DAVID Hicks has been gagged from talking to the media for 12 months meaning he will be silenced during the federal election.

Under the terms of his plea deal which limits his jail term to a maximum seven years with the possibility of a suspended portion of his sentence, Hicks has agreed to the gag.

The 31-year-old al-Qaeda foot soldier also can never profit from selling his story.
As part of his agreement which was signed before he appeared in the US military commission on Tuesday he has agreed that he was never illegally treated by any person while in US custody.

It means Hicks can no longer claim he was mistreated by the US after he was captured in December 2001 in Afghanistan and taken to Guantanamo Bay.

[ cf David Hicks gagged before vote (emphasis Mine, for the National Security Comedy Factor) ]
WOW Like Totally Dudes...

I can understand that many americans may have forgotten that it was standard policy for anyone who was released from Dachau, and any of the other dention facilities, to likewise sign off that they had always enjoyed their time...

But WHY is it that the americans are so scared of allowing a White Person, David Hicks is not one of the usual run of the mill "Sand Niggahs" that we all have to be worried about, he's a White Person For THE Divinity Of Dubya Sake...

The fun of course is that if we do a year on, that would be in the midst of the American Campaign, as the Forces who Oppose the Divinity Of Dubya seek to retreat into the dark days before the True Divine Will Was Revealed.... And does this really reveal that the Evil Doing Evil Doers who are doing Evil Here, are merely part of the greater leftist liberal anti-war clique who oppose the Divinity of Dubya and are seeking to undermine the troops by stabbing them in the back....

Or is it the other way around...

That they Are Making their Pitch as they fear that when Hitlary, and her Rad Femi Surf Nazi's, rise to power, they will want to be able to show that they had always supported her, and her Divinity, and they had never been taken in by the Dupes of The Dubya and their Apostasy....

Ah yes, will americans ever know... Will They Ever Care To Know??? Or are they just in it for the Bong Hitz 4 Jesus moments...

Or will it all be left for some outside War Crimes Tribunal to unravel.
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