drieuxster (drieuxster) wrote,

Speaking Of Prioritization...

uh, has anyone got the current schedule of which is the full on no retreat, no surrender, list of current ongoing scandals????

I'm so trying to understand why the Administration Ran Away from the Swift Boats for Bloveation Candidate to be the Ambassador to Belgium... I mean, I thought it was a lovely way of signallying the Belgian that we have always been more at war with them than anyone else on the Planet, and that we were willing to give them an ambassador who would mostly not tell them anything other than mere fictions laced with TruthUals.

{ For those of you who are not aware of what a TruthUal is, that is a small piece of Enflamed and Impacted Truth that has not yet been fully excised from the Body Reality... Normally a steady diet High in Post Delusional Pure Patriotism can protect one from any form of Truth. More Importantly from allowing any form of truth becoming impacted.... I mean who needs to have the sort of Abcess that comes when Truth Keeps On Rotting.... Yukky stuff, folks really should never have to be near it... }

{ for the slow readers who have to ask, "ok, why is this with the tag 'religion'?" would this be a bad time to start an ongoing dialog about the types and nature of epistomological issues that might be worth unwrapping as a part of the overall process of Supporting The Divinity Of Dubya.... You know, to prevent TruthUals...}
Tags: religion, war

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