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Should We Get The Stoner's Out of the Economy???

I was so amused by the crawler on Bloomberg that was asserting that Wal-Mart was concerned about the impact of the Down Turn in the Housing Mortguage Market impacting their bottom Line.... WOW, Bummer Dude, you mean like the departure of the Wealth Effect will mean that folks will stop shopping at Wal-Mart, and uh, go Upscale???

or off the grid...

In related Gigglers, I am sure eveyone noticed the Laugh Riot
Circuit City announced layoffs aimed squarely at better-paid workers, implying that wages are as subject to discounts as flat-screen TVs.

The electronics retailer said Wednesday it will lay off about 3,400 store workers immediately and replace them with lower-paid new hires as soon as possible.

The laid-off workers, about 8 percent of the company's total work force, will get a severance package and a chance to reapply for their former jobs, at lower pay, after a 10-week delay, the company said.

Analysts and economists said the move is an uncertain experiment that could backfire for the chain. The risks: Morale could sink and customers could avoid the stores. Also, knowledgeable customer service is one of the few ways Circuit City can tackle competitors that include Wal-Mart, they say.

[ cf Circuit City: You're fired, but reapply for less pay ( emphasis for comedic effect ) ]
Would this be the wronger time to talk about the problems of folks having frivilously squandered that $300 tax cut back in 2001, which they should have used to invest in buying a Cheaper and More Efficient Government, judiciary, maybe their own Armed Force...

Rather than squander it on Food, Rent, trivia...

What gives it all the Fun Filled And Exciting dot.bomb era feel is this little sugah coated hunny:
Texas state regulators have recommended $210 million in fines against the state's largest utility, TXU, after an investigation accused it of manipulating the electric market.

The alleged market abuse was observed between June and September of 2005, according to the Public Utility Commission. It wound up costing consumers $70 million and earned the utility $20 million in extra profit, according to an outside expert whose report was released by state regulators two weeks ago.

TXU, the largest power generator in Texas, sold power to the market at inflated prices and caused electricity prices to rise 15.5 percent during the summer stretch, the commission said Wednesday.

[ cf Texas accuses electric utility of market abuse ]
Excuse Please While I Go
Texas, Electric Company, Manipulating The Market!!!!
Well DAMN!!!! That is what is wrong with allowing the Evil Klintonesta to get blow jobs, and those Evil Democrat Types, that have nothing to do with failed financialization process....

Oh, Sorry... I thought It was All Klintons fault for meddling in the Energy Degregulation of the Californian Energy Speculatory Fraud.... I mean, Morer Religiouser Words Here about how Foot, and Only Foot, The Invisible Appendage OF Divinity Embodied can move the Market and anyone else is merely OPPOSING THE DIVINITY OF DUBYA....

Uh, would this be a bad time to talk about the fact that in america we are looking at about a 9% Industrial Labor Force, and gosh, the last time we were here, it WAS the Pre-Industrial Era.... Is this a Better Time to do the whole Time Warp Dance????

Or should we Just Thank GOD that the Divinity Of Dubya keeps protecting us from those Evil Liberal Welfare State Types who merely want to take the hard earned tax payers dollars and give them to no good lay abouts, who are not even offering anything useful to the american people.....

There is something sorta Haliburtanish, no bid contract, about that sentence... but it is not quite the sort of conviction that would, well, get them out of Gitmo....

Oh yes, that is the Solution, we keep doing that Bong Hitz 4 Jesus, so that everyone KNOWS that we support the divinity of Dubya, and thus the troops, even if they are women, gays, immigrants, you know, the types who get all of the good billets because the Evil Liberals are in control of the military....

Or should we go with say "Really Raining Real Mean!!!!"

That is SOO not my fault...
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