drieuxster (drieuxster) wrote,

I've Decided I Want My Dryer Back....

Ok, so YES Boys And Frogs, I do own a hand held Hair Dryer. It originally was a left over from the 80's. You Know, the 80's were the First Major Retro Movement for the Early Sixties and the use and abuse of skinny ties, as well as various new technological improvements in HairGooStuffThingiePooh.

Well, when I started dealing with my Lung Issues, It struck me - HEY, if I blow HOT AIR at me, and dry out my hair, and lungs, and sinus', I will run into fewer problems... Needless to say this was strickly a scientific Thingie, you know strictly experimentalism based upon testing the testable Hypothesis. It was not as clear that it was the gooder or badder thingie.

Then my friend madmerle, who blew out to visit her father, noticed that she did not have hers. So FOOLISH ME, I said, "well sure, use mine...." So it is out there somewhere... and I want it BACK!

Strictly for Scientific Reasons you know....

That and It keeps the Beast Creatures and Iranian Flying Saucers At bay....

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