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The Brutal Radical Left Wing Persecution Continues....

Harry Potter, the boy wizard of Hogwarts School, is perilously close to the clutches of his nemesis on the cover of the seventh and final book that millions of readers are mining for clues to his fate.

On the front of the wraparound cover released today by Scholastic Corp., the U.S. publisher of ``Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows,'' 17-year-old Harry reaches his left hand toward an orange sky. On the back, spidery hands reach for Harry. Only when they open the book can readers see those hands belong to Potter's enemy, Lord Voldemort, whose glowing red eyes peer from under a hood.

[ cf Final Potter Cover Has Wizard Near Enemy's Clutches (Update1) ]

Here we are in the greatest of all of the Most Holiest Of Holy Crusades, and they are still allowing the Demonic Possession of Satanic Cult Ritualists to Pander their God Hating America Bashing in an effort to Undermind the Most Holiest Of Holies, the Divinity of Dubya!!!!

Oh The Shame!!! Oh The Horror!!! Oh The Gnashing Of Teeth!!! The Tearing Of Garbs!!! The Sack Cloth And Ashes that will be requirerd to Protect us from the Return of the Iranian Flying Saucers!!! Because the Divine WIll Has been Repressed by the Brutal Radical Left Wing Persecution of the God Hating America Bashers....

well someone had to say it...

You know, for reasons of KulturKampf, undt the Glory Of Great Leader!!!
Tags: religion, war

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