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Oh Dear The Defeatist Cut And Runner Appeasers Are EVERYWHERE!!!

wow, scope this winner
I will attempt to not make this blog political. What I mean by that is, I am not taking sides. The nature of the topic is political. It can't be avoided. Pat Tillman, former cornerback for the Arizona Cardinals, died four years ago. We have known for a while now that it was more than likely a friendly fire incident. Therefore, it should have come as no surprise to anyone once the findings were released. I am going to attempt to address several problems I have with this incident and all of the attention it is receiving.

1. Why did the Army cover it up? Nothing raises Americans' ire like a government cover up. Pat Tillman was the embodiment of the self-sacrificing soldier, leaving the comfort of home, and in this case millions of dollars, to fight for a cause about which he felt strongly. It sickened me to see the military exploit his fame as a marketing tool. It sickened me to see the current administration and the army exploit his death to stir up waning American patriotism. It sickens me now to see opponents of the current administration exploiting his death to prove a point about an unpopular war. There is no doubt in my mind that the Army wanted Pat Tillman to be a hero. Friendly fire rumors started immediately, but he still received the Silver Star. He is not eligible for the Silver Star and one would think the Army would have investigated before awarding it. Nobody wants to say it, but a friendly fire death does diminish the hero image. The Army is secretive. Always has been. Probably, they just figured it would be another case of "Everyone keep your mouths shut and they'll believe what we tell them. They'll believe what best suits us." This all leads to my next point.

[ cf Beating a Dead Hero ( emphasis mine) ]
Yes, boys and girls, that is from sportingnews...

Can there be any doubt now that the evil doing evil doers doing Evil!!!

I mean, did the stoner fail to scope out his reality check that the assertion "unpopular war" lays there as being in some way self evidently true....

Gosh when even the Second Largest Religious Movement, Sports, ( the first as we all know, are those who accept the Divinity Of Dubya ), comes out accepting as defacto that this is one more Unpopular War that the evil liberals have imposed upon us....

What are we gonna do to keep them down on the Farm...
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