drieuxster (drieuxster) wrote,

Speaking Of The Law Of Niceness...

I had a lovely chat the other evening with my dear friend dr_strych9 over the Fun Loving Thread Like A Kidney Punch... and we took some time for me to outline my core UNHAPPY with the malaise in this country.

So I introduced him to the Law of Niceness, since he was aware of the standard Rule
We do not Threaten,
We Promise.
and that of course leads to the traditionalist reference back to the guns of Navarone, and the obligatory 'tension' that gregory peck's character knows that he will be killed after the war, because his friend has promised him that....

Well one part of the Core Annoyance I have with the sort of folks who make death threats, is that IF I am still alive to report them to the State Officials, then CLEARLY we are looking at, at least, in the minimum, a breach of Contract, if NOT a full on Breach Of Faith, which as we all know, leads to Apostasy, Kaffir Status, and the full on decline and fall of the West.... So the State SHOULD, to be nice, help those sorts of folks, who just do not get it, to step back onto the Big Wheel Of Kharma and move it on down the line.

It is possible that they may come back as a Potted Petunia, no matter how Improbable that may be...

So IF one is not willing to be polite enough, perchance they can learn to at least be nice enough...
Tags: religion, war

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