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Kids Are Always Cute...

Hey Mom's and Dad's, when a Know Psycho Wack Job who supports torturing says he wants to help with, "Project Safe Childhood", would your first thought be,
Hum... What has the Roman Catholic Church Done For Me Lately????
Or would you jump up and be consoled with
Attorney General Alberto Gonzales talked about how to keep kids safe from online sexual predators in Chicago on Tuesday - but only touched briefly on the controversy that threatens his job in Washington.

"I look forward to work with Congress" on its investigation into the firing of eight U.S. attorneys, Gonzales said at a Chicago news conference that he cut short after just a few minutes. "I believe in ... accountability. Everything that I've done in connection with this matter supports that principle."

[ cf Gonzales touts "Project Safe Childhood" in Chicago ]
And Yes, it is clearly an act of TERRORISM on the part of the Evil Belleville Democrat, one of the Evil Knight Rider Group, of Shrill and Hysterical Left Wing Extremists, that they should even BE SO EVIL as to include:
During Chicago's round-table discussion on child pornography, Gonzales sat next to U.S. Attorney Patrick Fitzgerald, who recently tried and convicted former White House aide I. Lewis "Scooter" Libby in the CIA leak case.
It was Gonzales' first appearance with Fitzgerald since the disclosure earlier this month that Fitzgerald was ranked as "not distinguished" by a former aide to Gonzales.
Fitzgerald's Illinois office has also taken on public corruption cases, convicting former Gov. George Ryan and dozens of people in an ongoing investigation at Chicago City Hall.

( op cit )
But I guess we can Play Nice becausse of
Gonzales told the forum - which also was attended by Attorney General Lisa Madigan and several state's attorneys - that state and federal officials must work more closely than ever in what he called "a military campaign."
( op cit ( emphasis Mine))
Since if there is anything we as patriotic americans look for in an Attorney General is the restoration of Martial Law!!!

So that it is Going to be the True Militarism that Brings and Armed Jesus to everyone's Dash Board!!!

No more mere 'tiger in the tank', if you do not have a Tank Killer Jesus, then the Terrorists WIN!!!
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