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You Just HAVE to love the Stoners....

Scope This One...
F YOU spent the past week wagering on whether Alberto Gonzalez will still be attorney general come April, you may have missed another Washington scandal almost as depressing as the secret campaign by the Bush administration to replace federal prosecutors perceived as politically disloyal. At the center of the squall, which ended almost as soon as it began, was Smithsonian Secretary Lawrence Small, who resigned yesterday amid allegations that he misused institutional funds throughout his tenure in office.
But the most novel item, by far, was the $1.67 million in expenses related to a "hypothetical mortgage" on the 6,500 square foot home, which Small in fact owns outright.

It should go without saying that you can't claim a real, cash reimbursement for a hypothetical expense without crossing an ethical, if not legal, red line.

[ cf Skeletons in the nation's attic ]
Like Totally Bong Hitz 4 Jesus Accounting
which does bring a new meaning to the old stand bye notion of "faith based initiative"....

But then again, this is the Country where we accidentally decided to restore the wetlands of one nation based upon our anxiety over the Actual Real Imaginary Threats Which Some Day Could Have Arisen, IF those Wetlands became the Breeding Grounds For Space Aliens And Iranian Flying Saucers And Zombie Technologies!!!!

So I mean, hey kiddies... Uh, that truthier stuff is truthier, especially if you are on the correct side and no one is looking, and there is no other standard test for the truthiNeff of a given reality space...

So why not get a cash back reimpursement for any sort of Actual Real Imaginary Ersatz Hypothetical Possible Expense, since, well, they COULD Some Day Turn Into Actual Expenses, and if we do not deal with them today, then the Terrorists WIN!!!!

The Demonic Nancy Pelosi Voodoo Zombie Dust Bunnies Of Despair Departing On Bong Hitz 4 Jesus in a blue dress to impose their Pirate Canadianist Gays Only Marriage Initiative To Destroy Our White Christian America!!!

Yeah that's the Ticket, the REAL ISSUE!!! Like why is it that the Evil Liberal Media finds these totally irrelevant issues to whine about when they are COVERING UP the reality that Tom DeLay is Still the House Majority Leader, since he would NEVER RETREAT OR SURRENDER even if the Devil Worshippers who oppose the Divinity Of Dubya oppose the True Truthierneff....

Yeah, those Gay HomoZeXuals....

Because we are morer at warer than ever beforerer.
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