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who are The Right, if these myth creatures are the left???

I find it amusing to read through I don't believe most of the Left. since, he presents his HOPES, very unstated, that majikally the "right" is some how going to care any more about his service to country, as they did in reality for the last crop. He puts up this optomism in phrases like
Do you remember that floodgate of patriotism which opened? Somehow, it didn't hit either campus where I took classes. That fact is I lost a lot of friends on 9/12. And it wasn't just people with whom I occasionally interacted or saw in class. I'm talking about good friends.
But gosh, where are all of those 'patriots' now???

Or we might take that debating point the other way around - why is it when the old guard right wingers were asking for an unequivocal declaration of war - the new kids on the block were trying to sell us that the nation had not declared war since Ronald Reagan Got Divorced... And that majikally this time around, trust us, it is majikally going to be some how more different....

Ah yes, and now we have "house majority leader Tom DeLay" shilling us about 'no retreat, no surrender' - which would be really cool, like his argument about how majikally the so called conservative movement were about 'ideas' and how 'ideas had won'....

So I will be able to believe a bit more the tired desperation of those who have served, trying to create the phantoms on the Left, so that they do not have to deal with the betrayal from the Right.... maybe when they remember why we opposed the Ilk of Tom DeLay, back when he was merely a wing nut explaininng that he was a draft dodger and would have served, but for the ugly fact that the Government was giving all the good billets to the Minorities... And then we got the Great War Hero Tom DeLay who upped that one with,
The Most Important Thing In A Time Of War....
Is Tax Cuts
Ah yes... sound war doctrine that....

So will we have to keep on dealing with the betrayal of those of us who served by the very Pro-War crowd who ran and hid, and still hopes that no one will hold them accountable for what they said, because, well gosh, Jesus Forgives them with all of that Cheap Grace....

What WILL it really take for americans to get beyond the simplistic tar brushing of the Left as the Simplistic Excuse to help them to cope with their stressors - most of whom they seem unable, and/or unwilling to address...
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