drieuxster (drieuxster) wrote,

That Gonzalas Crisis....

Is it just me, but does the Evil Liberal Media Meat Puppet look like the Collection Of Atheistical Atheists who fail to accept the Divinity of Dubya, and therein the Divine Rights to Refine Reality As Required.

I mean, why should anything that any administration official said, even five minutes ago, be held to assert anything about the Current Position Of The One True And Only High Priesthood Of The True Believers!!! Since, as we all know, Faith IS the ability to believe in that which is not so, and as such, one Either has Faith In the Divinity Of Dubya, or one is on the Side Of Satan Stabbing Our Troops In The Back!!!!

As Such, when Terrorists Cliques, such as the Evil Liberal Media, engage in the:
Terrorism Of Memory
Clearly they should be willing to be detained in Gitmo until they reveal whom they work for, and the Depth and Spread of their Terrorist Connections to Other Unbelievers who Fail To Have The True Faith In The Divinity of Dubya!!!!

You Know, for reasons of national security...
Tags: religion, war

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