drieuxster (drieuxster) wrote,

Can Congress Mandate The End Of Failed Welfare State Programmes????

Hey kiddies, yes, I know, a lot of americans think that the nation is now more at war, than ever before, but does that really mean that the nation actually IS more at war than ever before??? And gosh kiddies, how exactly would you KNOW that such an event was in occurance????

At which Point, gosh, how ever would americans really deal with the ongoing problem of the Failed Liberal Welfare State Programme of passing american tax dollars to honeymoon contractors for doing welfare state programmes, such as restoring the Iraqi Wetlands....

Would they say that since this is a Purse String Issue, that Gosh, maybe congress is allowed to explain why the time has come for someone else to Foot The Bill For Paying The Graft....

Or are we really planning to fight this one out on the Mythological Grounds that because of the Divinity of Dubya there are Majikal Special Powers....

Gosh Kiddies, what was it those of us from the Old School Tie Republicans with Actual Prior Military Service were Asking You Weasles to do back in the Day.... Gosh, we wanted an Actual And Unequivocal Declaration of War, so that the Nation would go to war - and not to a 'restoration of Iraqi wetlands'....

For those of you who May NOT have the life experience, DO YOUR HOMEWORK!!!! Ask yourself why was it that Both MACV and The JCS asked Johnson for a Very Clear and Unequivocal Declaration of War as the Tet '68 festival went SOUTH RAPIDLY...

Gosh, what would it be like if americans actually had to be at least modestly Compentent in their OWN HISTORY, and their Own Civics Classes????

Or would that be TOO HARSH on their "bong hitz 4 Jesus" moments???
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