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Weapons Safety Issues.

First off, complements to tongodeon for his charming thread You should know a thing or two about guns as a nice way of supporting rivetpepsquad's efforts to get folks out there learning the basics. It is better that folks understand what weapons do, and how to work safely with them. They are tools. They are not Demons. They Are Not Toys. They SHOULD NOT be penis substitutes. They are not the final solution.

The big challenge seems to be the moment of confusion about which is the 'right tool for the job'. Which seems to be tied to the usual penis substitute issues that folks need to work on. Firearms are only one sub-set of the available weapon set, so if you think that a firearm is going to solve it all. Work out your penis substitute issues first, and then get back to your weapon selection.

The decision to take a life is a very serious decision. Understand WHY you are going there.

I wish that folks would look at cars as DEADLY WEAPONS as they kill an unpleasant number of americans every year. It of course bothers me that americans would do better if they would also work out penis substitute issues first, and then get back to why they need to own an automobile. But that is a rant for another day. I inject this part of it here so that we understand that the core thesis is:
Right Tool for the Right Job - and how to work and play well with deadly force

As I noted in the thread, there are many good weapon systems that one can select for 'home defense', some of them also include fire arms.

But one needs to understand that 'killing' is NOT the only option.

I know that I am from that anachronistic collection who still holds to the old school ideal that one should shoot to wound, so that one can take the person prisoner - so that the Intel Section can get what every they can for intelligence. But americans may want to harken back to those kinder and gentler days of yore when americans were not bent upon mass murder for fun. I'm willing to conceed that back in those days 'torture' was a 'victorian art form' that a gentleman would seek out an appropriately trained professional to engage in such practices, in the privacy of a discreet arrangement. Back when that was not something one embarked upon to extract information. Ah yes, back when the idea was that we would have a proper court system and a fair trial - and we did not need to have lynch mobs and massive shoot outs.

{ excuse the two-fer there. but hey, if we are going to get into 'self defense' - lets understand why in the fuller context. }

So you will also forgive me that I do not make the majikal leap from 'drew a weapon' and the majik moment that someone DIED. That is not a requirement. It may be an outcome, and folks need to understand that firearms are the short cut to killing. But they do not automajikally cause dead people. Shooters Cause Dead People. Shooters Who Can Shoot Kill Shots Cause Dead People. Shooters who do not have the competent basic medical training cause dead people because they failed to provide immediate medical attention....

I take us there since folks may want to go back and remember why so many of the traditional 'martial arts' films also had the sections of the school that was about medical training. Prior to the invention of firearms, one actually needed to understand HOW to Kill People. One could work an escalatory theory to which death was merely the last option. Similarly that training in the medical arts would both explain how to cause damage, but also how to limit the impact of damage.

Along the way they may also take the time to understand what 'armed right' means in their current context.

They may even wind up with alternative solutions to merely bunkering in and coming out guns blazing.


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