drieuxster (drieuxster) wrote,

But Does This Mean More At War Than Ever Before???

The British government Friday demanded the immediate and safe return of 15 Royal Navy sailors seized at gunpoint by Iranian warships in Iraqi territorial waters.
[ cf Seizure of British sailors sparks diplomatic tension (Roundup) ]
Gosh was that really Iraqi Territorial Waters???

And will this be the Majik Moment we have all been waiting for, when the Greatest Military Leader EVER!!! The one with the Divine Decider!!! Knowing Full Well That we can NOT TOLERATE the Iranians Picking on Our UK Friends, decides that there is no Other Choice, But To BOMB CANADA!!!!

{ and in light of the rest of this, is it time to once again remind americans, "If The Blue Dress Does Not Fit!!! You Must Acquit!!!" Since Clearly all of this Drag Queening the Bong Hits 4 Jesus going on in D.C. is not as bad as when the Other Evil Liberal Regimes werre there.... }
Tags: bluedress, bomb_canada, war

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