drieuxster (drieuxster) wrote,

No wonder the Progressives Are Having Problems...

Over at Political Cortex we see
This week, the Greater Blogosphere is discussing the significance of the politics of the religious right as it relates to the National Association of Evangelicals, global warming -- and how Democrats should relate to all that; the double standard of the DOJ regarding treatment of people of faith in the workplace; what to make of the Democratic member of Congress who came out as a "non-theist" - and much more --- including: what a major Christian seminary president makes of the documentary film "Jesus Camp;" news of Christian nationalist "minutemen" marching on Lexington; and bloggers making movies and writing books!
[ cf This Week in Blogging the Religious Right ]
and it covers some 2,000+ words, with whining and snivelling, and noting that, YES, the Department of Justice Understands that sometimes Even Jews must learn that they have a loyalty and faith in Jesus, or they may not be able to keep their Jobs....

But NOT ONCE!!!! NOT ONCE do those Left Wingers mention the Divinity of Dubya, and that all true americans know that if we are talking 'religion' then we are either Talking The Divinity of Dubya, or it is all about Satanism and Stabbing the Troops In The Back...

Now don't get me wrong here, there are many Religious Atheists who fail to support the Divinity of Dubya and want us to treat them as if they were still americans.... But Be Reasonable Folks???? After One Has Abandoned the Divinity of Dubya, what is really left of one's Atheistic Way Of Life...
Tags: religion, war

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