drieuxster (drieuxster) wrote,

What's A Billion Here Or There?

Can you believe those Wacky Iraqi!

They seem to be upset simply because a mere $1 Billion Dollars has gone awalking.

Iraqi officials say at least $1 billion disappeared from Iraq's defense ministry during the interim government of Iyad Allawi.

The officials call the situation one of the largest thefts in history. They say it left the Defense Ministry with almost no money to buy arms, further complicating its fight against insurgents.

The money was supposed to be spent on weapons, but current Iraqi officials say contracts for the arms were awarded without bidding, signed with intermediaries instead of directly with the suppliers, and prices were inflated.

Among the items purchased during the period in question were 28-year-old Polish helicopters.

Mr. Allawi's defense minister, Hazem Shaalan, denied allegations of irregularities, saying government committees oversaw all the deals.

[ VOA ]

Hey, wasn't Voice of America once a Pro-American Site that was actively involved in the struggle against all Evil Monsters Everywhere?

Or were we suppose to wonder why that UN "Oil For Weaponry" programme had been such a complete piker fiasco.

Now Remind Me Again, which side are we on in the WhateverOnWhomever?

Either way


Or those Bad things will happen!

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