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But Does Horowitz Support The Divinity Of Dubya???

Clearly More Americans have to start wondering Which Side is David HOROWITZ really on?
DAVID HOROWITZ is a self-appointed general of the right-wing thought police. In 2006, he published The Professors: The 101 Most Dangerous Academics in America.
“Students are being given an indoctrination, not an education,” he claims--and as examples, he points to the Center for Women’s and Gender Studies, the Communication Studies Department, and the Division of Rhetoric and Writing. I am affiliated with all of these programs and a clear target in his “new” book, but the Texan would not print my rebuttal.
CONTRARY TO his image as disaffected crank, Horowitz has been increasingly successful.

In state legislatures across the U.S., for example, he has proposed the misnamed “Academic Bill of Rights,” which purports to call for balance and openness in the college curriculum--but which, in fact, would give legislators and university administrations a warrant to police faculty on the basis of “ideological neutrality.” Los Angeles Times columnist Rosa Brooks explains that the Academic Bill of Rights is “merely a smokescreen for the McCarthyite agenda beneath the lofty rhetoric.”

[ cf The witch-hunts of David Horowitz ( emphasis Mine) ]
But There is A MORE Pressing Stressor....

How can one be open and balanced on so simple a thing like the Divinity of Dubya???

One either accepts the Divine Will Of The Divine Decider, or one is stabbing our Troops in The Back???

What is there that needs to be Balanced and Open in that???

One is either A Defender of the Divinity Of Dubya, or One is On the Side Of SATAN!!!
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