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But Will It Be More Holy War???

The tossed election of a conservative bishop to the Diocese of South Carolina makes it clearer that the Episcopal Church is walking away from the Anglican Communion and the Christian faith, said a former bishop of the diocese.

The Episcopal Church invalidated the Very Rev. Mark Lawrence's election last week, outraging conservative Episcopal leaders who say the priest clearly meets the standards for church leadership. The decision also drew out sympathy from those who opposed Lawrence's election as many called it a "tragedy" for him and the church.

"I respect him for doing the canonical thing, but I think he should go ahead and be consecrated anyway," the Rt. Rev. Dr. C. Fitzsimons Allison, the retired 12th bishop of South Carolina, told VirtueOnline, a voice for global Orthodox Anglicanism. "I was surprised that it was that close. [U.S. Episcopal Presiding Bishop Katharine Jefferts] Schori and David Booth Beers (Chancellor to the presiding bishop) are so embarrassing to The Episcopal Church and worldwide Anglican Communion."

[ cf Bishop: Episcopal Church Walking Away from the Christian Faith ]
Boy, now that is Going to be some fun here....

The real fun of course is who gets to keep the Holy Warriors???

Would this be the wrong time to remind americans that we have been through these sorts of things before. There was that whole question over whether or not Slavery was God's One True And Only Biblically Literal Position that Mandated The One True And Only Biblically Literal Standard.... Then there was that whole thing about allowing women the right to vote, and of course, VIOLATING the One True And Only Biblically Literal Position that Mandated The One True And Only Biblically Literal Standard that women MUST be silent in the Chruch, and that the Body Politic is the Extension of The Gathering.... Then there was the whole question on how many wives could you have, for tax purposes, and the "You can only take the tax write off on one...." Clique of God Hating America Bashers won...

But there is also that other fun in all of this, should Americans Be under Obligation to Foreign Princes??? And that in a Time of Holy War????

Not to put too fine a point on the central problem here...
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