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Just One More Meme....

This Time my dear friend vanmojo offered up the one he got from others...

1. What is your current prognosis/treatment for the COPD?

currently it is chronic, I have on three different inhailers, two long
term, one the 'emergency rescue' - and I need that stuff more during
the cold and damp weather.... But I am doing better since I bicycle more.

Today I found myself in my Top Combo Gears 3/7 for my 21 speed Townie,
and was not short of breath... Which was SWEET!!!!!

I see my pulmonologist next week, and will most likely take in the paperwork
to get the Blue Space Permit, since, well, there are times when I am in need of
walking REALLY CAREFULLY and the idea of getting across the parking lot is not cool.

2. Is there any aspect of military life you miss? Why?

There was a lot of simplicity - "Hey Dude, save that 'when I was in the fleet
shit for the boots, they are SOOO going to be impressed." And there was so much
less whining about who was draft dodger, and party apparachniki smack....

Granted working in the UK in a joint op environment lead to moments of
mandatory and obligatory, "My dead ancestors kicked the snot out of your
dead ancestors..."

When one is living the simple life, One Inspection Uniform, Never Moved. One on
your Ass for decency, and one in the Laundry, while Haze Grey and Underway, there
are so many things that one does not have to worry about.... I was also a whole lot
younger then, and was seriously hard corp, married an equally hard corp, and then
noticed that the Cheese Eating Surrender Monkies in the Kremlin were about to bail
out on their half of the Contract to keep Detante The Hippest Thing Since self toasting bread...

3. What annoys you most about civilians/civilian life? Why?

Hum... Starting in 1988 trying to explain to the Proto-NeoCons, that they really DID NOT
want to shoot themselves in the foot on the 'who was a bigger draft dodger....' - that is still
an ongoing crisis.... That married with the Chaos about what do civilians owe to the vet community
and the tendency to be all 'pro-war, pro-military' when it is politically expedient, and as long as
the civilian will be safely guarding the Beer, just in case those Iranian Flying Saucers come back
with the Girls Swedish Volley Ball Team to take advantage of their innocence and youth...

There are all sorts of assinine dick waving festivals I just do not get. I mean, those folks seem
WAYYYYY too stoned for prudence, and Way to Bogarting The Bong Water, to be practical or
pragmatic.... And unfortunately we are not allowed to shoot them and put them out of their Misery....

There are all sorts of other strictly cultural things that I find comical. When I was growing up and
coming back to the USofA, the culture would drift along to the next meme and hot thing, and they
would be so surprised that there was a big bad world out there that was not a part of the "I am so
much more Cooler than You" games that were being played CONUS. So it is almost too funny to watch
this happen while being here.... I mean, where do these freaks come up with their weirdness????

4. If not for math and the machines that need it, what would you be doing now?

I would probably be working in a small liberal arts college dealing with Math, Philosophy and/or
the problems of PP&E. Most likely in a Professional Pissing Match with Dennet et al on the questions
of how DO we deal with the issues of the Natural History of Religion.

In much the same way that I had been involved with such matters as PTSD, and how are we going
to deal with both the Physical And Psychological trauma problems. Back in I think it was 1996
there was the fun filled problem in The Psychiatric Industry as they were trying to get their
brains around the idea of what sort of "evolutionary reasoning" gives rise to the sort of "warrior's Code"
that is a relevant part of the 'betrayal' that is a leading factor in PTSD. I mean, most folks never pause
to ponder what real value the 'warrior' in their culture brings to the process, and how is it that the
system keeps re-inventing the concept.

5. Were you labor or management?

I just showed up and did what had to be done - If I learned anything from the Brit's, it was that
there is protocol, there is proper oder and decorum, and then there is who actually has seniority,
and if I do not, well, how do you like your tea while I pop round to fetch a cup....
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