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Oopsie... These Things Happen

Gosh, the same day that Rice Inks a Deal with Roumania For Bases, we get this:
The case was discussed earlier in Berlin by the German Chancellor, Angela Merkel, and the American Secretary of State, Condoleezza Rice.

Mrs Merkel said the United States acknowledged making a mistake in detaining Mr Masri.

While refusing to comment on the case directly, Ms Rice said the US sought to rectify any mistakes made.

[ cf bbc_web ]
These Things Happen You know. Don't folks understand that in a time of Whatever On Whomever these sorts of things Occur?
During her testimony, the woman, known as Witness A, said she had been forced to take off her clothes by a security agent after being detained in Dujail.

"He raised my legs up and tied up my hands. He continued administering electric shocks and beating me," she told the special Iraqi court, sobbing.

Afterwards, she said, she was held in the notorious Abu Ghraib prison for four years.

[ cf ThatSaddamPersectionWhiners ]
I mean why would anyone get upset if a few unfortunates are caught up in the current disco dance craze about allowing 'torture' when it might be useful.
Most Americans and a majority of people in Britain, France and South Korea say torturing terrorism suspects is justified at least in rare instances, according to AP-Ipsos polling.


The polling, in the United States and eight of its closest allies, found that in Canada, Mexico and Germany people are divided on whether torture is ever justified. Most people opposed torture under any circumstances in Spain and Italy.

``I don't think we should go out and string everybody up by their thumbs until somebody talks. But if there is definitely a good reason to get an answer, we should do whatever it takes,'' said Billy Adams, a retiree from Tomball, Texas.

[ cf Guardian ]
Besides, who better to judge that the Greatest Military Leader EVER!

Just as the Gonzalaz Memo Indicated - clearly in a time of whatever - it's important to know that one has the full backing of the Argument From Intelligent Design - when working out who should be spared. Well Fsck It - Spare the Rod and Spoil the Child....

I mean we wouldn't want the terrorists to win now would we?


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