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The Ontological Proof Of God...

The other day, I shared with my Evil Liberal Friend, the clear and compelling Ontological Proof Of God!!! IT runs like this, ok, it meanders mostly like this
Hey Evil Liberal Friend, Remember when you said that you were not able to find the 1967 Edition of the Casino Royale, the Movie, on any medium. And I of course said that They would re-release it as soon as the NEW version of the film were squished out on DVD. Well Guess What!!! I Saw the New Veresion on DVD at CostCo, and opted not to buy it, but by the Majical Mystical Powers of the Ordering of my shopping List, I would up in a Store where they had multiple copies of the 1967 Version Re-Released on DVD. Thus Proving that God Loves Me More than Evil Liberals, and therefore that there clearly Must Be A God, Who Loves Me More than Evil Liberals.

As Such the re-release of the 1967 Peter Seller/Woody Allen Vintage Cult Classic that has been BRUTALLY SUPRESSED By The Evil Red Hollywood God Hating America Bashing Elites, is a Clear and Compelling Ontological Proof of the Existence of God.
OF course Evil Liberals view these things differently, and have fowarded to me:
H. Allen Orr and Daniel Dennett are tearing into each other something fierce over at Edge, and it's all over Orr's dismissive review of Dawkins' The God Delusion. It's a bit splintery and sharp, but the core of Orr's complaint, I think, is that he's unimpressed with Dawkins' 'Ultimate 747' argument, which is basically that postulating an immensely complicated being to explain the creation of an immensely complicated universe doesn't actually explain anything and is self-refuting — if you need an intelligent superbeing to create anything complex, then the superbeing itself is an even greater problem for your explanation.
[ cf Orr vs. Dennett/DawkinsOrr vs. Dennett/Dawkins ]
which is an interesting debate about the ongoing debate amongst the Evil Liberals, who appear to discount Ontological Proofs of God, not to mention the usual Stab Our Fighting Forces In The Back by rejecting the Divinity of Dubya as is Dictated By the Argument From Intelligent Design, and the essentialist Nature of
as the TRUE MANTRA of the TRUE BELIEVERS, as opposed to the Apostate Spawns of Kenney Starr and his Miscreants...

Remember Boys and Girls
Never Shout Theatre In A Crowded Fire
The US Constitution offers not Protection of Bad Performance Art...
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