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Is Collateral Damage A Bad Thing????

A senior U.S. military officer says insurgents in Iraq used two children to help them pass a coalition checkpoint in Baghdad in recent days, and then detonated a car bomb, killing the children. The officer reported the incident during a news conference at the Pentagon, and VOA's Al Pessin reports.
[ cf US: Iraqi Insurgents Intentionally Kill Children ]

I mean these folks make this sound like it is a 'bad' thing...

One really has to wonder what it would be like, if, Oh, Say, The United States Of America were under military occupation by a foreign power.... What sorts of tactics would american 'freedom fighters' use to get at and attack the Evil Doing Evil Doers....

Or is that the problem we are all trying to avoid.... IF the United States Of America were to be occupied, that would like so NOT change anything for the Fighting 101st Keyboardist and their NeoConClownCarCrew, who would still be whining about the Evil Liberals, and the folks who are all stuck on that Failed Pre-911 Culture where there were laws, and an american constitution, and all of those things that are not at all relevant given the New And Improved New World Order...

Or would they get all Wonky Crazy if the Occupying Power mandated that Dubya was not divine...
Tags: religion, war

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