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More Bong Hits 4 Jesus.... ( The Persecution Builds... )

Hey kids, did you notice
High school students may have a right to free speech, but it does not go so far as to include the freedom to unfurl a banner promoting "bong hits" at a school event, former U.S. Solicitor General Kenneth Starr told the Supreme Court on Monday.

Arguing for authority: Deborah Morse, ex-principal of Juneau-Douglas (Alaska) High School, talks to reporters at the Supreme Court, accompanied by former drug policy czar Barry McCaffrey (center) and her lawyer, Kenneth Starr. - Evan Vucci / Associated Press

"This is disruptive of the educational mission and inconsistent with the school's message" against using drugs, Starr said.

Starr represents a former school principal from Juneau, Alaska, who was sued for ripping down the banner and suspending the student who unfurled it.

[ cf Court will just say no, but to drugs -- or free speech? ]
Hey Kids, did you see it???

Not only did they drop the "Jesus" from the conversation, because as Radical Left Wing Extremists Bent upon the Destruction of Our White Christian America, they are just NOT willing to Support The True God!!!

Then there is the Dark Ugly that they Got Kenny to play lawyer here!!! You remember Kenny, spent how many Billions of American Tax Payer Dollars desperately trying to signal Al Qaeada that it was like totally acceptable to attack and kill americans, because none of the Qool Kids felt that supporting the War President actually meant, well, supporting the War President while he was bombing Iraq....

So of course, where are we now???? Same story repeating itself, these Same God Hating America Bashers who had to signal Al Qaeda back in the Clinton Years, are again opening up that same path to GodlessNeff....


How HorrorFrying...
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